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Thank you for your interest in the affiliate program at Background Check Advisors and Drug Test Advisors. Our affiliate program is designed so that business professionals can earn a recurring monthly revenue, simply by referring their clients to us.

A large majority of businesses, regardless of their size, realize the importance of pre-employment screening to help them make educated employment decisions based on facts. Background checks and drug tests are the two most accurate, reliable and widely used methods used to screen new hire candidates. And more and more, these methods are now being used to get up to date information critical in employee retention as well.

Our systems are very easy to use, priced competitively and most importantly, are FCRA compliant. Unlike many low cost internet competitors, we are backed by a trained compliance department that reviews every single adverse item on every report. This process is critical to protect the integrity of the information, and to protect both the employer requesting the report and the employee whose reputation and livelihood may be at stake. We are not internet information brokers! We are a compliant consumer reporting agency that follows all federal and state specific laws to ensure accuracy, safety, privacy and complete disclosure.

We appreciate your interest in introducing our services to your clients and believe you should be properly compensated for your referrals. Many of your clients likely use background checks and/or drug tests on a regular basis. So this is not new to them. However, we think that these services are generally overpriced in the marketplace. We are committed to providing these services at a price point that will save your clients money every time they pull a report or order a drug test, while still allowing us to pay you a recurring monthly referral fee. These services are used repetitively by most employers, therefore your referral fee is ongoing.

It is not unusual for us to be able to save customers $5-$15 per background report and $10-$20 per drug test (sometimes more!), and still offer our referral partners a commission. Again, current market pricing allows us to structure competitive proposals and pay referral fees. So, at the very least, with your help, we can make a strong attempt to save your clients money without sacrificing quality in the reports they receive. In fact, in most cases, we typically offer a broader scope of background information on our reports – still at the lower price point!

How To Get Started

  1. Complete the affiliate sign up form below and submit.
    Once we receive your information, someone will reach out to you to answer your questions and guide you through the referral process.
  2. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with our services by reviewing our website. Note the “Industries Served” link in the drop down menu for Background Checks. That should help to uncover possible candidates for our services among your client base.
  3. Reach out to your clients and let them know you have affiliated with a company that can save them money with their pre-employment screening process.

An Added Bonus for Your Clients

We are offering 3 Free background checks and/or 1 Free drug test to all new clients! That’s up to a $150 value just for signing up with us! And there are no long term commitments to continue to use our services. The starter bonus plus the ongoing savings are a tremendous value that you will be introducing to your clients. Considering this is a regular fixed expense for most companies, they should be receptive to your recommendation.

There are No Fees to become an affiliate with us!
Note: The referral fee you earn will be dependent on the fee we agree to with your client.

Again, thank you for your interest and we look forward to working with you and helping your clients save money!


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