Our  on-site tests are administered by DOT certified collectors at your company location to ensure:

  • Convenient scheduling during work hours.
  • Reduction of employee down time and wage loss.
  • Less opportunity for cheating or compromising tests.
  • Better opportunities for random testing to meet compliance needs.

Our off-site tests are coordinated through our strategic relationships with collection sites throughout the country, including two of the largest, Lab Corp and Quest Diagnostics.

For non regulated companies and organizations that want a simple, cost effective option, our  low cost instant drug test kit supply will ensure that you are getting the best volume discount pricing on over 300 drug test products in our inventory.

It’s been estimated that business owners are losing over $100 billion per year due to substance abuse in the workplace. Drug Test Advisors offers instant on site testing and offsite laboratory testing to accommodate your business’ specific needs. We provide our clients with the proper paperwork and local laboratory locations (over 10,000 labs nationwide) for follow up testing

We can help implement an instant on site testing program for your company. We can also assist in creating and implementing a complete turnkey program for your company to become a Drug Free Workplace. We will also update your old policy if it is outdated.

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