Franchise Program

Welcome to our franchise program and thank you for your interest in considering our services for your franchisees. We believe we have a compelling offer (see below) for franchisors that quite frankly, is just too good to pass up!

First, a quick history of our owners’ background in franchising.
Bob Nonnemaker has been involved in franchising since 1997, having owned and operated two different franchises in two separate industries. More recently, he worked as a franchise consultant representing over 400 brands in the FranServe network. And, in 2016, he helped his son Kevin open an Experimac franchise store in Huntington Beach, CA! So, he clearly believes in franchising and knows and understands the dynamics between franchisors and franchisees. And, he is well aware that whenever a franchisor can add value and help reduce costs for franchisees, it is a win-win situation and creates a tremendous amount of goodwill! Whether a franchisee is happy and successful, or discontent and struggling, there is no substitute for a positive recommendation from the franchisor that represents real dollar value and that will directly affect the franchisees bottom line.

You are probably taking the time to read this because it is likely that your franchisees need to do background checks (and possibly drug tests) for new hire candidates. While it may seem like a mundane task, it can be argued that it is the most critical component of the pre-employment screening process. Getting this task done right directly impacts their business operation, and ultimately, their overall efficiency and profitability.

Franchisees tend to be actively involved in their businesses and are always juggling a lot of balls. The many federal and state specific laws regarding the background screening process can seem overwhelming. Oftentimes, they are not fully understood by the business owner, or worse yet, they are ignored! That is a recipe for unhappy job applicants and could be a lawsuit waiting to happen.

This is where we can help! Our systems are very easy to use, priced competitively and most importantly, are FCRA compliant. Unlike many low cost internet competitors, we are backed by a trained compliance department that reviews every single adverse item on every report. This process is critical to protect the integrity of the information, and to protect both the employer requesting the report and the employee whose reputation and livelihood may be at stake. We are not internet information brokers! We are a compliant consumer reporting agency that follows all federal and state specific laws to ensure accuracy, safety, privacy and complete disclosure.

On the drug testing side, we offer onsite or offsite laboratory testing and/or low cost instant drug test kits that are easy to administer anywhere and allow for immediate results!

So, your franchisees are not tackling this important function alone. They will have the support of a professional team to guide them through the many complexities that can arise in this process.

We are here to make sure the process is easy for them on a daily basis, and it will be with our instant one click web based searches.

We are here to guarantee that the process is cost effective for them so they get a fair price point without compromising the information they receive. In fact, we typically can offer more useful data in our search packages and still be at a lower price point than our competitors.

We are here to ensure that they will receive accurate, reliable information they can count on in making critical hiring decisions.

Our Offer

We want to earn your business and make you look good as you introduce our company and our services to your franchisees.

  1. We will extend a $100 credit to each and every franchisee! This credit can be used toward any background check (or drug test) and has no exp. date.  Example: A franchisor with 200 franchisees is effectively receiving $20,000 from our company to pass on to its franchisees!
  2. We will structure our pricing proposal (based on total system wide annual volume) with a guarantee that they will save money on every background check ordered from us. *This assumes the report contains comparable data from their current source. Note: If current source is not FCRA compliant and/or does not review adverse items, a fair pricing comparison cannot be determined.
  3. We will provide multiple opportunities for initial and ongoing training on our easy to use system with both live and recorded webinars – and additional training as needed.
  4. We will offer ongoing guidance to franchisor and franchisees on ever changing federal and state specific laws relating to such issues as privacy, safety and disclosure.
  5. We guarantee NO price increases for at least one full year from the signing of an agreement to be the exclusive provider for your franchisees.

Franchisor Information

Franchise Background

Are franchisees currently using a single provider for background checks?

Are franchisees doing drug testing on new hires?

If yes, is the provider the same as the background check provider?

Which of the following services might your clients be interested in?
Background ChecksDrug TestingDOT Drug TestingDrug Free Workplace ProgramIntegrity/Aptitude Assessments

Thank you! We will be in touch shortly to schedule an exploratory call.